Manga online readership doubles with all-access service.

The Manga art and stories is currently rated as one of the most popular in the international platform. The online comics have surpassed some of the international classics, making it one of the first to do so by a modern day creation. With popular demand, the online edition has been launched by the leading web site Boruto Manga.

Some of the newest entrants in the line are Boku No Hero Academia chapter 80 and Kaichou Wa Maid Sama chapter 72. The latest chapters of both stories where just released two days ago. Although only newly introduced, it is at par with some of the older stories like Pokemon Adventures and Gintama which are already at 528 and 576 chapters respectively. With some of the wining story editions, Boruto Manga is currently set as one of the most favorite one stop site for any fan who wants to Read Manga. Reports have even gone to the extent of saying that the web site itself has become synonymous with the word Manga. Initially, the web site started off as a site that was promoted by a small community who shares the same passion. With leading stories and art, today, it has easily surpassed some of the biggest competitors in the industry. With widespread readership, the web site is no longer limited to members only. It has turned into an all access site that offers all files for free even to non-members.

Guest visitors are also given the same privilege and opportunity as members. With more access, the web site has managed to bring in more number of casual readers and has converted them into regular readers. When the new all-access project was launched some years ago, it met with a lot of criticisms. Today, that risk has paid off and it has doubled the number of readers by a high margin. For more details go to

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Boruto manga is a leading web site that offers all manga stories. It has some of the best sellers series and offers free file downloads.

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