Online store for selling Meovita products called launched

With an aim to deliver the best and original Meovita products, a new website called was recently unveiled. As per the information provided by the administrators of the website the online store will cater to only original Meovita manufactured dietary supplements and dietary food. 

The site’s spokesperson while sharing a few details about the company and the reason behind the launch of the site maintained, “Meovita has been devoted towards creating a healthy lifestyle through supplements that are being made using only natural ingredients that also undergo strong tests in the laboratories. Sustainability is one of our principal goals as we look to deliver quality products and the best deal to our clients.”

He further added, “The Meovita Omega-3 super concentrate is currently our top selling product. It has been proven to give out effective results in stabilizing the cardiac functioning, maintaining proper balance of brain, vision, restraining the inflammation of cells, regularizing the cholesterol levels, and so on. The fish oil contained in the capsules is from sustainable fisheries and is subjected to several clinical tests. More information on the product is provided on the site as well.”

In addition to the Omega-3 super concentrate, the company also has the Omega-3 Junior which is a chewable dietary supplement for kids containing vitamins and sweeteners. As of now the spokesperson disclosed that this product comprising of 60 capsules will be available at a price tag of $14.99. He also noted that visitors can subscribe to the site’s newsletters by offering their e-mail addresses in order to receive updates about promotions and offers from the company.

It can be said that Meovita is a German healthcare company that manufactures dietary supplements which guarantees quality and positive results. The company has even got certifications from HACCP, BIO and is a DIN ISO 9001 certified company. For more details go to

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It is a German healthcare company dedicated towards manufacturing quality dietary supplements intended for improving and enhancing the overall health of the user.   

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