Boku no Hero Academia reportedly campaigns against bulling in schools.

The Boku no Hero Academia recently crossed its viewership margin, making it one of the few of Manga stories to do so within a short period of time. A Japanese show circling around school life, special abilities and superheroes, it has been reported that many kids are drawing inspiration from their favorite shows.

In the recent months, a series of reviews from viewers have indicated that parents are actually assisting their kids to watch the show because of the inspiration story that is popularly circling around. It is one of the few that has quickly gained viewership not just in its country of origin (Japan) but also in other parts of the world. Statistics show that it is also one of the most downloaded in the western countries. Works are on the way to dub the show in foreign languages as well and not just in subtitles. According to the plot, mankind in the Boku world has developed superpowers called by the name of “quirks”. 80 per cent of the population has their own unique “quirks”. A middle school student called Izuku Midoriya is unfortunately among the 20 per cent without any special powers. Determined to get into the country’s most prestigious school called The Hero Academy, he tries his best and eventually catches the attention of the greatest hero All Might.

The show received positive reviews on helping many kids dealing with isolation because they are different from the rest of their schoolmates. Being an influential show, it popularized “quirks” in individuals, making it seem cool to be different from others. Close sources say that it was an attempt at reducing the number of bullying in middle and high schools. The same sources have also revealed that it has succeeded in reducing the practice of bullying among the kids. For more information please visit


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